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I absolutely love Next.js's Incremental Static Regenration.

However, I'm looking for a way to force static pages regeneration on demand. Ideally via a command that I can trigger with an API call when the data in my source db change.

The idea is to regenerate each page just once after each data change. I could enforce ISR pages regeneration simply with fetching the target pages after their revalidation interval, but I'm looking for a way not to regenerate them redundantly until data changes.

Any ideas if it's doable and how? :-)

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On Demand ISR (Update content without redeploying) is now stable in Next.js 12.2 version On-Demand ISR (Stable).

This feature allows you to create and update static pages after build time down to the per-page level without taking down the whole page to rebuild. This is useful for dynamic content such as a blogging website with a headless CMS.

That's the current implementation that I found in Next.js 12.2 documentation:

// pages/api/revalidate.js

export default async function handler(req, res) {
// Check for secret to confirm this is a valid request
if (req.query.secret !== process.env.MY_SECRET_TOKEN) {
return res.status(401).json({ message: 'Invalid token' });

try {
await res.revalidate('/path-to-revalidate');
return res.json({ revalidated: true });
} catch (err) {
// If there was an error, Next.js will continue
// to show the last successfully generated page
return res.status(500).send('Error revalidating');

Here's a live demo where you can play with this feature: On Demand ISR Demo.

Some video links that I found useful on Youtube.

Next.js 12.1: Introducing On-Demand Incremental Static Regeneration

Next.js On-Demand ISR // Full tutorial

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