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i need help about loading tab content when page is loaded. My example work good but default tab load content only when i click on him. That content is not loaded automatically when page is loaded is empty.

Fiddle example

Like on example u will see you

<ul class=nav nav-tabs tabs-up id=friends>
<li><a href=/gh/gist/response.html/3843293/ data-target=#contacts class=media_node active span id=contacts_tab data-toggle=tabajax rel=tooltip> Contacts </a></li>
<li><a href=/gh/gist/response.html/3843301/ data-target=#friends_list class=media_node span id=friends_list_tab data-toggle=tabajax rel=tooltip> Friends list</a></li>
<li><a href=/gh/gist/response.html/3843306/ data-target=#awaiting_request class=media_node span id=awaiting_request_tab data-toggle=tabajax rel=tooltip>Awaiting request</a></li>
<div class=tab-content>
<div class=tab-pane active id=contacts>
<div class=tab-pane id=friends_list>
<div class=tab-pane urlbox span8 id=awaiting_request>

And js:

$('[data-toggle=tabajax]').click(function(e) {
var $this = $(this),
loadurl = $this.attr('href'),
targ = $this.attr('data-target');

$.get(loadurl, function(data) {

return false;

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Place this at the very end of your script:


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