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This is my label.

<label class=control-label  for=no1 id=lbl_count>0</label>
<button type=submit class=btn btn-primary id=submit_btn>Add to cart</button>

And this is the function I try to set amount of raw in the jsp page to a label. But it is not working. Both label and button not are in same div. But both of them are in same form.

$('document').ready(function() {
$('#submit_btn').click(function() {

var x = document.getElementById(mytable).rows.length;
// $(label[for='no1']).text(x);
// $(#lbl_count).text(x);

I tried several ways non of them are working.. Alert is working. That means data is coming. So how to fix this. Please help me. Thank you.

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In this case, you can't see the changes of label because right after submit button was clicked, the page refresh(showing the original state). Try prevent the default event for the element, so then you can see the changes on label.

$('document').ready(function() {
$('#submit_btn').click(function(e) {
e.preventDefault(); //<-add ^this
var x = document.getElementById(mytable).rows.length; // use this or try with static value like var x = 23;

But, the form will not submit. As you mention before, having record to save, then use ajax post instead.



<form action=>
<label for=no1 id=lbl_count>0</label>
<input type=text name=var1 id=var1/>
<button type=submit id=submit_btn>Add to cart</button>


  $('document').ready(function() {
$('#submit_btn').click(function(e) {
type : 'post',
data : 'var1='+$('#var1').val(),
url : 'your_jsp_process_page.jsp',
success : function(data){
var x = 'hello';


In this page, need to retrieve the value sent from ajax. In this example, retrieve it with name var1. Here you can see the data key and value paired data : 'var1='+$('#var1').val(),.

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