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I am creating a gulp task which might fail under certain circumstances.

gulp.task('favicon', function () {
try {
require('child_process').execSync('icotool --version');
} catch( e ) {
var err = new Error( 'Unix bash and icotool required for generating favicon' );
throw err;

return gulp.src('', {read: false})

When running my task via gulp and running into the error, the error will be presented rather ugly.
I would like to present the error in a way as it is done by e.g. jslint gulp-util's PluginError.

It actually works to just create a PluginError there and throw it but that doesn't seem quite right.
Another solution not that nice would be to set

err.showStack = false;

for at least a little nicer error output. A gulp.task.Error would be nice.

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From what I've seen its not great to throw an error from gulp. But I found this blog entry that I used to work for me.

Edit: gulp-util has been deprecated. Instead, use the plugin-error package.

My Example:

var gulp = require('gulp');
var error = require('plugin-error');
gulp.task('deploy', function(cb) {
if(typeof(specialId) === 'undefined') {
var err = new PluginError({
plugin: 'deploy',
message: 'specialId is empty.'

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