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I'm looking for a way to implement a function, using NestJS and TypeORM, that will find in OneToMany array a specific element and assign that value to another field in the object.
And most important: implemented in a single place in the code.

For example:

The Entity profile have an array of photos, one of the photos is the profile picture.
I would like to find that photo in the array and assign it to profilePicture if exist, on every select query.
is there a way in typeORM to implement that in a single place in the code?

export class Profile extends BaseEntity {

id: number;

@OneToMany(type => Photo, photo => photo.profile)
photos?: Photo[];

profilePicture?: Photo;

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If you use the query builder, you can achieve that by using leftJoinAndMapOne. I just wanted to add an example, but I just found out that the TypeORM docs already have a good solution for your use case:

 const user = await createQueryBuilder(user)
.leftJoinAndMapOne(user.profilePhoto,, photo, photo.isForProfile = TRUE)
.where( = :name, { name: Timber })

Edit: Alternatively you can set the profile in your entity using the Afterload decorator:

private setProfile(): void { => {
if (photo.isForProfile) { = value;

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