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I'm trying to iterate through table rows and get each row which includes a specific value,
but it doesn't work for me.
I'm using .each() to iterate the rows and .within() on each $el,
inside that, I use cy.get('td').eq(1).contains('hello') but I the get assertion error:

Timed out retrying: Expected to find content: 'hello' within the element: <td> but never did.

when I console.log cy.get('td').eq(1) it yields the desired cell in each row and the test passes, so I don't understand why chaining .contains() doesn't work...

it('get element in table', () => {
cy.get('tbody tr').each(($el) => {
cy.wrap($el).within(() => {
cy.get('td').eq(1).contains('hello') // contains() doesn't work


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should('have.text', text) should work

cy.get('td').eq(1).should('have.text', 'hello')

If there's whitespace around text, use contain.text

cy.get('td').eq(1).should('contain.text', 'hello')

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