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I'm trying to click on a submit button and submit a form using purely javascript. I have tried:



for(var i=0;i<document.getElementsByName('operation').length;i++){

but I just can't get it. Can anyone show me how I could do this?

Thanks in advance.

The web code is:

<form id=sell_form class=ajaxform action=/member/sell method=post>
<div id=result class=popup> </div> //hidden
<div class=c-box-body>
<table width=100% border=0>
<div style=text-align:center>
<input type=hidden value=13 name=pair> //hidden
<input type=hidden value=Sell name=type> //hidden
<input type=submit value=Calculate name=calculate>
<input type=submit value=Sell name=operation> //**This is the one I'm trying to click on
<input type=reset value=Clear>

What makes this difficult is that the web page is not mine (I'm using greasemonkey in firefox which is essentially and onload javascript event)

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I was able to to it with:

var element = document.querySelector('#sell_form input[name=operation]');  
if (element) {;

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