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I am trying to understand modules in JavaScript but when I try to write a very simple module I get CORS error.I am using bracket as my text editor and the odd part is when I'm using live preview in brackets the code works but when I normally open the .js file I get error.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title> JS </title>
<script type=module>
import {add} from './libA.js';


export function add(a,b) {
return a+b ;

*I get this error ->

Access to Script at 'file:///F:/WEB%20DEV/JavaScript/libA.js' from origin `null` has been blocked by CORS policy: 
Invalid response.
Origin 'null' is therefore not allowed access.

(I even tried the latest version of chrome too)

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Many browsers do not allow you to access files on the local filesystem with JavaScript (even if the HTML document is also on the local filesystem).

This extends to loading JavaScript modules.

Install a webserver and use that (with a URL like http://localhost/) for testing.

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