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I have an HTML 5 video inside my page and I would like to set the src dynamically.
I'm using vue, inside my js controller I set a variable with the video path then I use the variable in my page as below:

<video width=450 controls>
<source v-model=controller.var v-bind:src=var type=video/mp4>

The player doesn't load the video but my var is properly set with the right url.
What I'm missing here?


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First, I don't know if you are actually using var in your template, but if you are, Vue will throw a warning in the template.

  • avoid using JavaScript keyword as property name: var in expression :src=var

Second, you cannot dynamically change the source element.

From the HTML5 specification,

Dynamically modifying a source element and its attribute when the
element is already inserted in a video or audio element will have no
effect. To change what is playing, just use the src attribute on the
media element directly, possibly making use of the canPlayType()
method to pick from amongst available resources. Generally,
manipulating source elements manually after the document has been
parsed is an unnecessarily complicated approach.

So, bind your data to the src attribute of the video element.

<video width=450 controls :src=video></video>


new Vue({
changeVideo(){ =

<script src=[email protected]/dist/vue.js></script>
<div id=app>
<video width=450 controls :src=video></video>
<button @click=changeVideo>Change</button>

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