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I have the following code for multiple file input

<form action= enctype = multipart/form-data method=post name=login>

<input type = file name = photo[] id = files multiple onchange = handleFileSelect(this.files)/><br/>
<div id=selectedFiles></div>
<input type=submit value=Sign In>

The javascript equivalent function is.

selDiv = document.querySelector(#selectedFiles);
function handleFileSelect(e) {
if(!this.files) return;

selDiv.innerHTML = ;

var files = e;
for(var i=0; i<files.length; i++) {
var f = files[i];
selDiv.innerHTML += + <br/>;



What I am getting is upon uploading the second file. The FileList gets overwritten and instead of having 2 files, second file is present in the FileList. Here FileList is passed by this.files.

Also upon passing to the server only second image is passed. I have googled throughly but could not find answer. I would appreciate if anyone could help.

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I ran into the same problem. Thanks for the question and answer. I managed to add several files by adding to the DOM input type file and delegating the click to the detached element :

<form method=POST enctype=multipart/form-data action=/echo/html>
<button class=add>
Add File
<ul class=list>
Send Form

With the javascript :

$('form button.add').click(function(e) {
var nb_attachments = $('form input').length;
var $input = $('<input type=file name=attachment-' + nb_attachments + '>');
$input.on('change', function(evt) {
var f =[0];
$('ul.list').append('<li class=item>''('+f.size+')</li>');

It is working with Edge, Chrome 50 and firefox 45, but I don't know the compatibility with older versions or other browsers.

See the this fiddle.

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