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I have below code and java script is throwing error Unable to get property 'value' of undefined or null reference. What am I doing wrong ? below is the sample code I am trying to execute to validate one input field.

<html lang=en xml:lang=en xmlns=>
<meta content=text/html;charset=iso-8859-2 http-equiv=content-type />

<script type=text/javascript>
function validate_frm_new_user_request()
valid = true;

if ( document.frm_new_user_request.u_isid.value == '' )
alert ( Please enter your valid ISID Information. );
valid = false;
return valid;
<form method=post action= name='frm_new_user_request' id=frm_new_user_request onsubmit=return validate_frm_new_user_request();>

<tr align=left>
<td><Label>ISID<em>*:</Label><input maxlength=15 id=u_userid name=u_userid size=20 type=text/></td>

<td align=center colspan=4>
<input type=image src=images/button/btn_create_request.gif border=0 ALT=Create New Request>


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The issue is how you're attempting to get the value. Things like...

if ( document.frm_new_user_request.u_isid.value == '' )

won't work. You need to find the element you want to get the value of first. It's not quite like a server side language where you can type in an object's reference name and a period to get or assign values.

document.getElementById('[id goes here]').value;

will work. Note: JavaScript is case-sensitive

I would recommend using:

var variablename = document.getElementById('[id goes here]');


var variablename = document.getElementById('[id goes here]').value;

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