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Why can't you parse a json with a n character in javascript

JSON.parse('{x: n}')

However when you do JSON.parse(JSON.stringify({x : n})), it is valid. says that {x: n} is a valid JSON. I wonder what does spec says about this?

For those who marked this duplicate, this is not the same question as How to handle newlines in JSON. This question is more about why can't an unescaped newline character allowed in JSON.

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JSON.parse('{x: n}') fails because '{x: n}' is not a valid JSON string due to the unescaped slash symbol.

JSON.parse() requires a valid JSON string to work.

'{x: \n}' is a valid JSON string as the slash is now escaped, so JSON.parse('{x: \n}') will work.

JSON.parse(JSON.stringify({x : n})) works because JSON.stringify internally escapes the slash character.

The result of JSON.stringify({x : n}) is {x:n} but if you try to parse this using JSON.parse('{x:n})' it will FAIL, as it is not escaped. As JSON.stringify returns an escaped character, JSON.parse(JSON.stringify()) will work.

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