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var $one = $('#oneClueShow');
var x = $(#clueOneInput).find('input[type=text]').val();
if(x == 'D R' || x == 'd r'|| x == 'D r'|| x == 'd R'|| x == 'd'|| x == 'r' || x == 'd R' || x == 'T A')

Above is a snippet of java/ I have. What it does is takes an input -- then checks for a match. The bug I'm looking to resolve is if there are spaces after or before it isn't recognized.

For example within the input someone can type 'D R' no problem. If a space is added like so 'D R ' then it no longer recognizes the input.

Is there something I can do to affect the input to ensure no space before/after prior to button click? I've been looking into replace, but can't seem to get it going.

A reference for what I've been looking at :

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You can use $.trim


which will allow for cross browser compatibility

In your case it would be

var x = $.trim($(#clueOneInput).find('input[type=text]').val());

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