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In my controller I can call:


To access the first item in my games array. Is there a way to do this keeping Filters in mind.

For example I have:


On my repeat, how can I call $scope.list[0]; to equal the first search result?

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This can be done by injecting the filter's dependency into a controller and calling it in code like

var filteredArray = filterDependency(arrayToFilter,args);

which returns a new, filtered array. Since you are using the filter filter (it's a filter whose name is filter), the dependency injection should be filterFilter. Your controller should look something like this:

var app = angular.module('myapp',[]);
var filteredArray = [];
$scope.list = [abc,def,ghi,abcdefghi];
filteredArray = filterFilter($scope.list, newValue);
// do something with the first result
console.log(filteredArray[0]); // first result

What we're doing is setting a watch on the input model (search) so we can get the new value and re-filter the array any time the input is changed.


If you need to access the ng-repeat index from within the view, you can use the special property $index inside of the ng-repeat like:

<div ng-repeat=item in list | filter:search>

You can also use $first, $middle, and $last as shown in this Angular doc.

Demo: Here is a fiddle

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