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Having read other people's questions I thought


would answer my question. I have tried this but it executes the code the instant the page loads (not after the images load).

If it makes any difference the images are coming from a CDN and are not relative.

Anyone know a solution? (I'm not using jQuery)

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Here is a quick hack for modern browsers:

var imgs = document.images,
len = imgs.length,
counter = 0;

[] imgs, function( img ) {
img.addEventListener( 'load', incrementCounter, false );
} );

function incrementCounter() {
if ( counter === len ) {
console.log( 'All images loaded!' );

Once all the images are loaded, your console will show All images loaded!.

What this code does:

  • Load all the images in a variable from the document

  • Loop through these images

  • Add a listener for the load event on each of these images to run the incrementCounter function

  • The incrementCounter will increment the counter

  • If the counter has reached the length of images, that means they're all loaded

Having this code in a cross-browser way wouldn't be so hard, it's just cleaner like this.

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