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Is it possible to download the entire HTML of a webpage using JavaScript given the URL? What I want to do is to develop a Firefox add-on to download the content of all the links found in the source of current page of browser.

update: the URLs reside in the same domain

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It should be possible to do using jQuery ajax. Javascript in a Firefox extension is not subject to the cross-origin restriction. Here are some tips for using jQuery in a Firefox extension:

  1. Add the jQuery library to your extension's chrome/content/ directory.

  2. Load jQuery in the window load event callback rather than including it in your browser overlay XUL. Otherwise it can cause conflicts (e.g. clobbers a user's customized toolbar).

    loader.loadSubScript(chrome://ryebox/content/jquery-1.6.2.min.js); })

  3. Use jQuery instead of $. I experienced weird behavior when using $ instead of jQuery (a conflict of some kind I suppose)

  4. Use jQuery(content.document) instead of jQuery(document) to access a page's DOM. In a Firefox extension document refers to the browser's XUL whereas content.document refers to the page's DOM.

I wrote a Firefox extension for getting bookmarks from my friend's bookmark site. It uses jQuery to fetch my bookmarks in a JSON response from his service, then creates a menu of those bookmarks so that I can easily access them. You can browse the source at

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