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I am working with canvas and I would be able to save my Canvas to png.

By looking around, I discover the great toDataURL() function given by the W3C.

I am also already using the canvas2image from nihilogic that we can found on this page :

I noticed that on canvas2image, the developpers use the image/octet-stream which open the open with dialog box but give some problem :

-picture name is the ascii returned by toDataUrl().

-file extension is .part when downloaded

In short, I would prompt the open with dialog box with something like myImage.png when clicking on a button.

Is it possible ? Any help would be appreciated.

Edit : I have the contraint to use only Javascript, I can't use some nice PHP trick

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if you aim to only modern browsers and don't care cross-browser that much, there's a possible solution with download attribute of element.
Here's one sample for your information:

<a target=_blank href= download=testXXX.jpg>DOWNLOAD ME!</a>

Only one line, no javascript, yeah! You can change the href part into data url, and that works too.

Check this Eric's tutorial on html5rocks for more details.

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