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I am looking out for a way to open a .xls file which is in temp directory using javascript in IE and Firefox browser. I tried using the javascript as follows,

function openMe(){
var{path to temp dir}/names.xls,window2,);

The names.xls file exists there, I have verified it. As IE 7.0 does not let a user open a blank window due to security issues I am unable to make this work. I have not checked it with firefox yet. Is there any way to get this working?

I also tried having an empty.html which has this javascript and calling this openMe() body onLoad. And opening the empty.html from the parent HTML file. All I see is a new blank window without nothing but the file does not open.

Any pointers would be greatly helpful.Thanks


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Sorry, Abi, you're out of luck--you can't use JavaScript in a browser to open a file on the local file system. This is a security issue and makes perfect sense if you think about it; you wouldn't want people writing scripts on their web sites that can access files on your local file system and possibly read data from them!

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