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I want to have a password field which says Password in it before a user enters their password (so they know what the field is)

I'd rather just use Javascript, importing jQuery for this alone seems wasteful, but I have no idea how to. The images explain quite clearly:

What it looks like:


What I want it to look like:


It's only a very simple website and the most basic of logins (has no validation etc)

Any ideas?

<input id=username name=username class=input_text type=text value=Username  />
<input id=password name=password class=input_text type=password value=Password />

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Change your password input to be a simple input type text. Then, with JavaScript (or JQuery) on focus event, change it to be a input type password.

Here is a little untested sample with plain JavaScript (no JQUERY):

<script type=text/javascript>
function makeItPassword()
.innerHTML = <input id=password name=password type=password/>;
<span id=passcontainer>
<input onfocus=return makeItPassword() name=password type=text value=Type Password />

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