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I know, that two elements can't hav the same id. But it's happens so, that in my project I have two elements with same id in other divs, like this

<div id="div1">
<img id="loading" />
<div id="div2">
<img id="loading" />

And CSS:

#div1 #loading
some style here...
#div2 #loading
another style here...

Works fine for me, but maybe it is not reccomended to do by so?

Yes, I know, thet I can use classes, and it's strongly recomended to do by so, but I want to know is there any potential risk in this usage of id?
I think no, because when I wrote for example

$("#div1 #loading")... it becomes a unique element.
Isn't it?

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If you need it in your project, you can use it, like suggested in my Question Final Update!

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