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I wanted to write a regex to count the number of spaces/tabs/newline in a chunk of text. So I naively wrote the following:-

numSpaces : function(text) { 
return text.match(/s/).length;

For some unknown reasons it always returns 1. What is the problem with the above statement? I have since solved the problem with the following:-

numSpaces : function(text) { 
return (text.split(/s/).length -1);

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tl;dr: Generic Pattern Counter

const count = (str) => {
const re = /YOUR_PATTERN_HERE/g
return ((str || '').match(re) || []).length

For those that arrived here looking for a generic way to count the number of occurrences of a regex pattern in a string, and don't want it to fail if there are zero occurrences, this code is what you need. Here's a demonstration:

* Example

const count = (str) => {
const re = /[a-z]{3}/g
return ((str || '').match(re) || []).length

const str1 = 'abc, def, ghi'
const str2 = 'ABC, DEF, GHI'

console.log(`'${str1}' has ${count(str1)} occurrences of pattern '/[a-z]{3}/g'`)
console.log(`'${str2}' has ${count(str2)} occurrences of pattern '/[a-z]{3}/g'`)

Original Answer

The problem with your initial code is that you are missing the global identifier:

>>> 'hi there how are you'.match(/s/g).length;

Without the g part of the regex it will only match the first occurrence and stop there.

Also note that your regex will count successive spaces twice:

>>> 'hi  there'.match(/s/g).length;

If that is not desirable, you could do this:

>>> 'hi  there'.match(/s+/g).length;

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