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The JavaScript code window.print() can print the current HTML page.

If I have a div in an HTML page (for example, a page rendered from an ASP.NET MVC view), then I want to print the div only.

Is there any jQuery unobtrusive JavaScript or normal JavaScript code to implement this request?

Making it more clear, suppose the rendered HTML page is like:

<html xmlns=>

<head id=Head runat=server>
<asp:ContentPlaceHolder runat=server ID=TitleContent />

<div id=div1 class=div1>....</div>
<div id=div2 class=div2>....</div>
<div id=div3 class=div3>....</div>
<div id=div4 class=div4>....</div>
<div id=div4 class=div4>....</div>
<input id=btnSubmit type=submit value=Print onclick=divPrint(); />

Then I want to click on the Print button, only printing div3.

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I would go about it somewhat like this:

<title>Print Test Page</title>
printDivCSS = new String ('<link href=myprintstyle.css rel=stylesheet type=text/css>')
function printDiv(divId) {
window.frames[print_frame].document.body.innerHTML=printDivCSS + document.getElementById(divId).innerHTML;

<h1><b><center>This is a test page for printing</center></b><hr color=#00cc00 width=95%></h1>
<b>Div 1:</b> <a href=javascript:printDiv('div1')>Print</a><br>
<div id=div1>This is the div1's print output</div>
<b>Div 2:</b> <a href=javascript:printDiv('div2')>Print</a><br>
<div id=div2>This is the div2's print output</div>
<b>Div 3:</b> <a href=javascript:printDiv('div3')>Print</a><br>
<div id=div3>This is the div3's print output</div>
<iframe name=print_frame width=0 height=0 frameborder=0 src=about:blank></iframe>

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