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I am setting the value of a textbox via javascript client-side. When I refresh the page the value is lost.

The textbox is not disabled or set to read-only.

I have read suggestions to put the value in a hidden field, I'd prefer not to do this. It seems like a hack.

The textbox is in a user control as such:

<div id=Row class=RaidRow runat=server>
<asp:Button ID=RaidRowButton runat=server CssClass=RaidRowButton OnClick=RaidRowButton_Click />
<asp:TextBox ID=CharacterNameTextBox runat=server CssClass=RaidRowControl SlotTextBox MaxLength=12 />
<asp:Label ID=ClassNameLabel runat=server CssClass=RaidRowControl ClassLabel />

This control is on the .aspx page.

When the user double-clicks the textbox, presses enter while the textbox has focus, or changes the text, the following javascript function is called:

function VerifyCharacter(slotNumber, event)
var enterWasPressed = false;

if (event && event.which == 13)
enterWasPressed = true;
else if (window.event && window.event.keyCode == 13)
enterWasPressed = true;

if (event == null || enterWasPressed)
var realmName = 'Lightninghoof';

var characterNameTextBox = GetCharacterNameTextBox(slotNumber); = '#CCCCCC';

var classLabel = GetClassNameLabel(slotNumber); = '#CCCCCC';
classLabel.innerHTML = 'Unknown';

WoW_Stats.CharacterInformation.GetCharacterInformation(realmName, characterNameTextBox.value, slotNumber, GetCharacterInformation_Success, GetCharacterInformation_Failed);

Once the web-service call is complete, the following javascript function is called:

function GetCharacterInformation_Success(characterInformationResult)
var characterInfo = Sys.Serialization.JavaScriptSerializer.deserialize(characterInformationResult, true);

var classLabel = GetClassNameLabel(characterInfo.SlotNumber); = characterInfo.ClassColor;
classLabel.innerHTML = characterInfo.ClassName;

var characterNameTextBox = GetCharacterNameTextBox(characterInfo.SlotNumber); = characterInfo.ClassColor;

The only problem is that when I refresh the page, the text in the CharacterNameTextBox and ClassNameLabel, which were set client-side via javascript, are lost.

How can I make sure the controls retain their value between postbacks?

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Refreshing the page (pressing F5) is different than a postback. I don't believe the value in your text box is going to be posted back to the server on a refresh. The value in the text box will get posted back to the server on a postback though (as long as the ReadOnly attribute of the TextBox is not set to true, but that's a different story).

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