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I'm using the DOM to manage a JSON response from an AJAX function I'm running. The script I'm writing needs to be completely portable, so I am defining the styles for the created elements on the fly (meaning, no linking to an external CSS, and no providing CSS in the HTML doc itself, because I won't have control of the doc).

I'd like to create a hover effect on some of the elements.


 #myDiv:hover { background:#000000; }

Is there a way to define that in the DOM? Or do I have to use mouseover?

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You can dynamically create and manipulate stylesheets. See here for some of the cross-browser issues with this approach.

I've got a wrapper function lying around which works around some of them; using it, the code would read

document.createStyleSheet().addRule('#myDiv:hover', 'background:#000000;');

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