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In a recent question, I received suggestions to talk on, amongst other things, the aspect of JavaScript where functions are 'first class' objects. What does the 'first class' mean in this context, as opposed to other objects?

EDIT (Jörg W Mittag): Exact Duplicate: What is a first class programming construct?

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To quote Wikipedia:

In computer science, a programming
language is said to support
first-class functions (or function
literal) if it treats functions as
first-class objects. Specifically,
this means that the language supports
constructing new functions during the
execution of a program, storing them
in data structures, passing them as
arguments to other functions, and
returning them as the values of other

This page also illustrates it beautifully:

Really, just like any other variable

  • A function is an instance of the Object type

  • A function can have properties and has a link back to its constructor method

  • You can store the function in a variable

  • You can pass the function as a parameter to another function

  • You can return the function from a function

also read TrayMan's comment, interesting...

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