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I have a master page that is a list of items, and a details page where I fetch and can update an Item. I have the following hooks based upon the react-query library:

const useItems = (options) => useQuery(["item"], api.fetchItems(options)); // used by master page
const useItem = id => useQuery(["item", id], () => api.fetchItem(id)); // used by details page
const useUpdateItem = () => {
const queryClient = useQueryClient();
return useMutation(item => api.updateItem(item), {
onSuccess: ({id}) => {
queryClient.invalidateQueries(["item", id]);

The UpdatePage component has a form component that takes a defaultValue and loads that into it's local "draft" state - so it's sort of "uncontrolled" in that respect, I don't hoist the draft state.

// UpdatePage

const query = useItem(id);
const mutation = useUpdateItem();

return (
{query.isSuccess &&
!query.isLoading &&
<ItemForm defaultValue={} onSubmit={mutation.mutate} />

The problem is after I update, go to Master page, then back to Details page, the "defaultValue" gets the old item before the query completes. I do see it hitting the API in the network and the new value coming back but it's too late. How do I only show the ItemForm after the data is re-queried? Or is there a better pattern?

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My updateItem API function returns the single updated item from the server.

I used setQueryData to solve this.

const useUpdateItem = () => {
const queryClient = useQueryClient();
// Note - api.updateItem is return the single updated item from the server
return useMutation(item => api.updateItem(item), {
onSuccess: data => {
const { id } = data;
// set the single item query
queryClient.setQueryData('item', id], data);
// set the item, in the all items query
// loop through old. if this item replace, otherwise, don't
old => {
return old && => ( === id ? data : d));

I will say, react-query is picky about the key even if it is fuzzy. Originally my id was from the url search params and a string, but the item coming back from the db an int, so it didn't match. So a little gotcha there.

Also, when I go back to the Master list page, I see the item change, which is kind of weird to me coming from redux. I would have thought it was changed as soon as I fired the synchronous setQueryData. Because I'm using react-router the "pages" are complete remounted so not sure why it would load the old query data then change it.

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