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This is what i personally would consider correct in various languages, but here it is not. I must be ignorant of an aspect of Typescript, but I can not so easy determine where the gap is.

The implementation requires a map of maps. The top map is a string key, and the a map of string-keys and string-values.

class aClass
myMap: Map<string, Map<string, string>>;

constructor ()
this.myMap = new Map<string, Map<string, string>>([
["key1", new Map<string,string>()],
["key2", new Map<string,string>()]

async aTask(map: Map<string,string>)
map.set("subKey1", "VALUE");

async someWork()

How do I correctly access the Map<string, string>() in the function someWork() ?

The error for the first accessor : this.aTask(this.myMap["key1"]);

Element implicitly has an 'any' type because type 'Map<string, Map<string, string>>' has no index signature. Did you mean to call 'get'?

The error for the second accessor : this.aTask(this.myMap.get("key1"));

Argument of type 'Map<string, string> | undefined' is not assignable to parameter of type 'Map<string, string>'. Type 'undefined' is not assignable to type 'Map<string, string>'.

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Maps, despite being objects, don't put their values onto properties of the Map instance, which is why this.myMap["key1"] doesn't work.

TypeScript doesn't let you do


because the .get does not guarantee that the key exists in the Map; it's warning you that it might have returned undefined. To be type-safe, do:

async someWork() {
const val = this.myMap.get("key1");
if (val) {

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