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I am preparing a web page with more data that can possibly be shown without making the page really cumbersome. I am considering different way to do this. One way would be to have the extra data magically appear on a small window when the user hovers over a particular part of text.Yahoo! Answers does something like that when you hover over a user. But I suppose that must be way to complex to code (for my level).

SO I am looking for a simple way to get a small pop up window to appear next to the mouse pointer when the user hovers on a particularly interesting text. The window should disappear automatically once the user leaves the text.
On this topic I have a few questions:

  • How can this be done?

  • Can it be done without using JavaScript?

  • What other solutions should I consider? (For example I have seen some web pages expand some sections, when the user hovers click on them)

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Just use a DIV to show your text, to open a completely new window is overkill and seeing as most people have popup blockers in their browsers, the window won't even show.
I suggest using JQuery (nice to start with if you are new as it will make your Javascript development WAY easier) and the JQuery Tooltip plugin found here

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