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I am using Google Maps in a project and I want to display only a country map in my map window i.e. I want only the US to show on my map not Canda and Mexico and so on, cutting away the superflous information for the app I am building.

I found some stuff where you can restrict the area covered with some javascript however this still gives me a lot of extra map area as geographic areas usually do not conform to squares.

Further on I am limited by time, $, php and javascript so I can't really do some fancy custom solution that involves lots of work i.e. the usual setting.

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Check out one of Mike Williams' great GMaps tutorials: in there, he shows how to limit zoom and pan in your map.

If you want some areas to be non-visible, try this one: I think that's closest to what you want (the example actually does the same thing you want, but it seems to be geared towards Canadians ;)).

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