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I have a function defined in AS3 that's gonna be called from client side via JavaScript. The AS3 functions simply print some value on SWF screen when it's called.

It works fine when I set an onclick event handler to a button and call the AS3 function. However I want to call this AS3 function as soon as the page loads. I am using jQuery in the project and I placed the call to the AS3 function inside $(document).ready(), but that gives me the following error in FF2 firebug:

getFlashMovie(my_movie_name).my_as3_function is not a function

Then, I tried calling the by setting an onLoad event handler on the , but that also does not work - produces the same error.

So, my question is, how do I call an AS3 function automatically once page loads? In my project, I need to pass some client side initialization information to the flash once page loads.

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You'll need to have your flash call a function in the page to notify it that the Flash is loaded and initialized, then use that as your entrypoint.

In the flash:


In the page:

function flashReady() {

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