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I have JavaScript which performs a whole lot of calculations as well as reading/writing values from/to the DOM. The page is huge so this often ends up locking the browser for up to a minute (sometimes longer with IE) with 100% CPU usage.

Are there any resources on optimising JavaScript to prevent this from happening (all I can find is how to turn off Firefox's long running script warning)?

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if you can turn your calculation algorithm into something which can be called iteratively, you could release control back the browser at frequent intervals by using setTimeout with a short timeout value.

For example, something like this...

function doCalculation()
//do your thing for a short time

//figure out how complete you are
var percent_complete=....

return percent_complete;

function pump()
var percent_complete=doCalculation();

//maybe update a progress meter here!

//carry on pumping?
if (percent_complete<100)
setTimeout(pump, 50);

//start the calculation

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