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I have created a SCORM API for our LMS and right now I am using hard coded userID and courseID variables (variables that reference things in the database). I need to pass the real userID and courseID instead of using hard coded ones. I know the userID is stored in the session and the courseID is passed over from the launch page.

How do I get these into JavaScript so I can include them in my calls to the .ashx that handles the SCORM calls?

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Probably best easiest to expose them as properties of your page (or master page if used on every page) and reference them via page directives.

 <script type=text/javascript>
var userID = '<%= UserID %>';
var courseID = '<%= CourseID %>';

.... more stuff....

Then set the values on Page_Load (or in the Page_Load for the master page).

  public void Page_Load( object source, EventArgs e )

UserID = Session[userID];
CourseID = Session[courseID];

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