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Using JQuery 1.2.6, testing from Firefox 3 and IE7. I have a very basic bit of JavaScript to reload a captcha image. In my JS file, I have:

var Captcha = {
count: 0,

Refresh: function(){
// Concatenate count to force a URL change, which forces the browser to reload the image
$('#Captcha').attr('src', 'Captcha.aspx?' + Captcha.count);

My link looks as follows:

<a href=javascript:void(0); id=ChangeCaptcha onclick=Captcha.Refresh();>Try a different image</a>

When I click on the link, I get a JavaScript error. From the Firebug plugin for Firefox, it says Captcha.Refresh is not a function. So, I go to my Firebug console in the same window, and type


And I get an object in the response line (as expected). I then type


And I get a function() in the response line (as expected). I then type


And it executes the function, updates my captcha image, everything is dandy. If I go back and try the link again, it still does not work. If I type in Capcha.Refresh() into the console without ever hitting the link, it also works fine. What on earth am I missing here? Clearly the JS is getting loaded, but why doesn't that function call work?

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